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Hello, my name is Gerard, i am 48 years old and i'm Irish. I work full time as a delivery driver, my wages are not brilliant but they're ok (i earn the going rate for what i do) and i'm greatful to have a job. I live in a rented house in a small town in Tipperary, Ireland, which i share with my son. The rent is €600 per month. I have been renting now for about 12 years.
I was in a long term relationship before that for about 14 years and have five beautiful kids. My ex-partner owned her own house, so with us being together for so long, i naturally thought we would stay together and i would never need to worry about a mortgage or paying high property rents. I thought we were very happy.
Unfortunately for me and the kids, my partner had other ideas. She had the house up for sale for months without me knowing it and people were viewing it while i was at work. The house was sold and all paperwork signed and i never suspected a thing.
Looking back now, i still can't believe how stupid and naive i was.
I arrived home from work one night and she was gone with the kids, nothing left in the house except my clothes and a note telling me she was gone and that i had one week to move out before the new owners would be arriving. I was devastated, frantic with worry, i just couldn't believe what was happening. It took me weeks to find out where she had gone and even longer to find out why.

She was seeing someone else and had moved to another country. I didn't see the kids for almost ten years and it took me a long time to get back to any kind of normality. I missed them all so much. I was a mess.
But i eventually moved on with life and now that the kids have grown up a bit, we are now in regular contact and we are getting to know each other again. My eldest came to live with me two years ago and now she is out renting an apartment nearby with two of her friends. She still pops in most days for a chat and a cup of tea though.
One of my sons is living with me at the moment and our other two sons have asked me if they can move back to live with me too. They are all teenagers and still in school and i would love nothing better than to have my kids with me but i live in a small two bedroom house. After everything that has happened i hate refusing them, i want to get to know them properly and i want to have a proper relationship with them. I have told them that i need to get a bigger place before they can move in and i have been looking for a bigger place to rent, that i can actually afford, but its not easy.
A four bedroom house has been put up for sale nearby for €160,000 and is in very good condition. I went to the bank to enquire about a mortgage but because of my age and my wages, they will only lend me €45,000 over seventeen years. I have raised approx. €15,000 from family and my own savings, so i need to raise €100,000 as soon as possible and i am hoping to do this through donations.
This house would be perfect for us and our youngest daughter could have her own room if she wanted to move back to Ireland with her brothers and me.
I will never be able to save the amount of money at my age that the bank need as a deposit and rental property is so expensive and so hard to find.
I know that the situation i'm in is completely my own fault and that i should have saved more (rainy day) money while i was with the kids mother, but its easy to look back in hindsight.
I know also that some people will say why should the public pay for my house, or that there is more deserving causes to donate to, and these are fair points to make but i'm not doing this because i expect the public or anyone else to pay for my home, i just can't think of any other way to raise the money i need. And yes of course there is more deserving causes, i often donate to causes and charities myself and i will always continue to donate.
But this is my little cause and it is very important to me and my kids, and it saddens me that i am in this situation but i just want to have my kids back and spend as much time with them as i possibly can.
I love my kids so much and i've missed them for so long, i really need you to help me in any way you can.

If you have any doubts about me being genuine, then please use the Contact Page to get in touch and i will get back to you ASAP.

If you can help in any way, please use the How To Donate page.

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